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Whether it's a business, an
individual or out-of-state return
we've got you covered. And if
you need some planning
preparation we can help with
that too.

Individual Tax Return Preparation

We prepare over 1,100 individual tax returns annually, using the best-rated tax software program in the nation, CCH Access. We can process tax returns for all fifty states as well as tax returns for U.S. residents working abroad. Whether you are an individual with a fairly simple tax return more with complicated issues such as business income, retirement benefits, multi-state taxation, stock options or partnership investments, we can provide the expertise to help prepare the return accurately and obtain the greatest tax benefit allowed. Our staff has extensive knowledge in tax law and continually stays current with all the newest changes. All tax returns are reviewed, filed in a timely manner, and are electronically processed whenever possible, for greater security and faster refunds. All new clients will also have their previous year’s tax return reviewed for accuracy.

Individual Tax Planning

We make every effort to personally get to know each client and their needs. By asking informed questions, researching options and taking a proactive, year-round approach, we can obtain a complete understanding of your tax needs and develop tax strategies. We provide the best counsel possible to minimize your tax liabilities today and for future years.

Business Tax Return Preparation + Consulting
Our firm prepares all types of business tax returns, which include Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships and LLC Sole proprietorships. We can prepare your business return from your accounting records, or we can provide accounting services for you. All business returns are thoroughly reviewed by our CPA’s who have over 100 years of combined experience.We also pride ourselves in being ahead of the tax law changes and filing deadlines. We like to anticipate rather than react to our clients needs.

Out-of-State Tax Returns
Doing business in other states opens up a complex area of out-of-state taxation. We can advise you if you have filing requirements and/or income tax liabilities in another state. This is becoming a hot area as states are trying to collect massive amounts of revenue by cracking down on tax evasion.

Business Tax Planning
We make every effort to personally get to know each client and their needs. By asking informed questions, researching options and taking a proactive, year-round analysis, we can obtain a complete assessment of your tax needs and develop tax strategies. We provide the best counsel possible to minimize your tax liabilities today and for future years. Our goal is to provide tailored services to help you meet your financial objectives.

Retirement Consultation and Estate Planning

We also work with client’s on their retirement planning and goals. In today’s economically challenged times, it is more important than ever to have a solid plan. We can help you in your decision making process from a unique tax perspective. For estate planning, we provide a team approach. We partner with your attorney, investment and insurance professionals to implement the right estate plan that assures maximum tax, financial, social security, death and insurance benefits. We will explain how you can pass your estate on to your heirs efficiently. You can trust us to confidentially work with you in getting your financial affairs in order.

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Use our expertise to help guide
you in your new adventure!

Business Start-Up Consultation

Starting a small business is not easy and every year it gets more complicated. Our firm will guide you through the start up process, choosing the right entity for your business. We will advise you on the difference between LLC’s, Corporations, and Partnerships. We will file the necessary applications to obtain your Federal and WI ID numbers. We can recommend and set up accounting software for you and will advise you of the tax implications of your new business.

We can answer whatever questions you may have in your new adventure and train you from payroll to sales tax. Our goal is for our clients to not only have the backing for financial stability and guidance, but also the ability to understand and learn more about how they can be in control of their finances and future.

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Lighten your load and

let us do the work. 

Payroll Services

Preparing payrolls has never been so difficult. Due to IRS and WI regulations, this had become an extremely complicated process. We can prepare your payroll professionally, accurately and with complete confidentiality. We offer printed checks or direct deposit. We can make your tax deposits, prepare all quarterly reports and of course process your year end W–2’s. Unlike the national payroll processing firms, we offer flexibility and can customize your payroll to your needs.

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Customize a plan that

is best for your business 

Accounting & Compilation Services

Your accounting and record keeping system is the foundation to having accurate financial statements. These statements help you make informed decisions for your business, and ensures that your business operates efficiently and successfully.

We can provide the following accounting services:

  • Reconcile your bank, credit, and loans accounts

  • Record monthly deposits and expenses

  • Reclassify, review or categorize complicated transactions

  • Prepare financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement

  • Provide monthly, quarterly or yearend journal entries

  • Record and review fixed assets, depreciation

  • Prepare statement of Cash Flows and applicable analysis

  • Prepare 1099s for subcontractors and services

These tasks form the foundation for financial records and tax
return. You can customize the package of services you receive by adding payroll, tax planning, tax preparation, or any of our other services. Our overall goal is to tailor our services to fit your specific needs and financial objectives.

We can help you with all any or all of your accounting tasks. Some clients prefer to do their own data entry and monthly adjustments, and then engage us for year-end help. If this is the case, we will review your records and make appropriate entries and suggestions to make sure it is being done correctly.

No matter what level of service you desire our firm to do for you, we suggest you set up an accounting software system. We prefer QuickBooks accounting software and can train you on this accounting program. Initial setup and installation must be done correctly in order for future information to be accurate and useful. With QuickBooks, you will be able to write checks, record your receipts, balance your checking accounts and ultimately prepare your financial statements. We will be there to educate you and support you with this process.

Assurance & Review Services

We can also review or prepare a compilation of your financial statements. This level of engagement allows you to give a third party assurance that your financial statements are correct. It can be used to obtain financing, loans and even assist and attracting potential investors.

Reviews require our staff to thoroughly know your business and can provide a great level of value. Our review clients typically have year-round approach and stay in front of the tax and accounting changes and are proactive in finding ways to accomplish their financial goals.

Personal Property Tax Reports

We prepare all personal property tax reports including M-R and M-P Forms for manufacturers. We can set up and maintain your fixed asset schedules for book and tax depreciation. We will also advise you on the complicated area of Section 179 expensing and Bonus Depreciation.

Sales Tax Returns

We can prepare sales and use tax returns for your business. Not all businesses need to pay sales tax. We can do the research to determine if sales tax applies to your business.

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Get peace of mind with our
on-going consulting services.

Management and Business Consultation

At Begalke and Associates, we specialize in small business consultation. Whether we are evaluating the tax implications of each organizational entity structure or training you on how to do a bank reconciliation, we are here to help. 

Here are some of the consulting &
training services we can provide:


  • Bookkeeper and payroll clerk training

  • Accounting methods review and change analysis

  • Cash flow analysis  and recommendations

  • QuickBooks software conversions or set up

  • QuickBooks desktop and online training

  • Internal control or process review

  • HR Resources for payroll and management

  • Entity structure review and selection

We will gladly advise ways to improve the quality and productivity of your business and implement strategies to help you achieve your goals.


Nobody know your business like you do, and we are not her to run it but help find solutions and financials processes for the problems you may be having.

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